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Whoopi Says Conservative Women Are ‘Shallow, Conceited Little C****’ On Live TV

Whoopi Goldberg is at it again, Patriots. This time, during a segment of The View, she screamed at Dana Loesch that “conservative women are shallow, conceited little c****.” The show immediately went to commercial.

ABC still hasn’t acknowledged the gaffe or offered any kind of apology, but has instead engaged in a campaign to eliminate the footage from the internet. They’ve managed to re-route the links to other places.

As of now, our link is still active, but if you find yourself watching videos of Dr. Pimplepopper or bot worm extractions, they got us, too:

*Edit: It seems ABC is really going out of their way, patriots. Stay tuned for more tries.

Goldberg’s attorney says the actress has no intention of admitting or denying the accusations, nor does she care what a bunch of shallow, conservative c***** might think.

The View’s Executive Producer, Art Tubolls, issued a statement:

“The View remains committed to being the thing conservatives hate most, because its hosts aren’t Trump-loving stooges. If Whoopi did call them dirty little snatches, they probably deserved it.

She’ll probably end up getting a raise.”

Of course she will. That’s how they roll in liberal circles. She won’t even have to pay a fine.

That’s just not right, patriots. God bless America.

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