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Unsealed Records Put Obama on Epstein’s Plane Headed to ‘The Islands’

Newly unsealed records in the Epstein case have revealed something nobody saw coming: Obama was on Epstein’s plane headed to “the islands” on more than one occasion. The documents, which may or may not be admissable in court or authentic, reveal that while Obama has sat back and criticized others for their relationship with Epstein, he was secretly hiding his own.

According to a former DOJ employee speaking on condition of anonymity, Obama was always a key player in the internal investigation into Epstein:

“Obama was there. We’re 60-70 percent sure of it. These documents took that certainty closer to 100 percent for sure. It’s very incriminating, and there’s really no way he can explain it.”

According to the documents, Obama spent more than 2 weeks on Epstein’s private pedo island in 1992:

“The subject was there, listed in black and white, on the plane’s manifest. He stayed for 4 days the first time and 6 days the second. The evidence is as clear as day.”

The FBI has added Obama to the list of suspects and will be sending agents to question him later this week.

Aviation expert, Art Tubolls, says that the logs can’t be faked and that Obama sealed his own fate. “He boarded using a Columbia University student ID under the name Barry Soetoro. Everyone knows that’s him. We have several references to the Soetoro name and confirmation that most people know that he used it.,” said Tubolls, “and while he never used his real name and there are no pictures, videos, or witnesses to him being there, this one thing is certainly enough to convict him in a Republican committee.”

Obama needs to be impeached now and held responsible for his crimes. He’s a monster. Going to an island for pedophiles while planning a Presidential run is treason under Article 4 Section 11 subsection 136d. It’s time to make him pay the piper, patriots. Call your congressman.

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