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Tucker: Only China Benefits from America Going to War with Russia

It’s a point Tucker has made before. It’s a point the head of the German Navy made while in India. It’s a point Tucker thought needed to be said again: if America goes to war with Russia over Ukraine, it’s Red China that will benefit.

To begin the segment, Tucker pointed out the absurdity of the war, saying:

When permanent Washington pushes for war with Russia, who benefits? We don’t ask that question enough. The United States certainly doesn’t benefit. That’s obvious to anyone who thinks about it for a second.

It’s so glaringly obvious, in fact, that the people pushing this war immediately denounce you as a traitor if you point that out. They’re betraying our country’s interests, but somehow you’re the one who’s disloyal. Ukraine’s borders are sacred. Our borders are racist. Shut up, Putin stooge.

But wait a second. Why is it disloyal to side with Russia but loyal to side with Ukraine? They’re both foreign countries that don’t care anything about the United States. Kind of strange. It’s all an absurd performance, but it’s all they’ve got in the end.

The fact is, Ukraine is strategically irrelevant to the United States. No rational person could defend a war with Russia over Ukraine. Nobody thinks a war like that would make America safer or stronger or more prosperous. Have you taken a look at our economy recently? Dangerous levels of inflation, a workforce in disarray. Wildly chaotic swings in financial markets, in case you ever noticed.

Then, he again explained why the DC establishment is so intent on war, saying:

So why are they doing this? That’s a complex question. Hubris, stupidity, the damage, psychological makeup of our leaders. Massive lobbying campaigns by Ukrainian politicians and American defense contractors. All of those factors play a role in this. No tragedy has a single cause. 

it was then that he got to one of the more important points he’s made recently, saying firmly and clearly that only China would benefit from the war that the establishment is desperately trying to start:

But what’s not at all complicated is who benefits from our conflict with Russia. China benefits, period. The Chinese government is the only certain winner here. We can give you many examples to illustrate this, but consider the latest economic sanctions the White House has proposed against Russia. 

[…]In other words, the Biden administration will succeed in continuing to drive our two main global rivals closer to a permanent alliance with one another. How does that help America? Well, it doesn’t. Over time, it’s dangerous, and not just militarily.

Russia is a traditionalist, Christian country with an economy about the size of the Texas economy. China is a massive, communist power that’s threatening our interests in influence in the entire Pacific. Red China is the greater threat and Russia is a natural ally of the US. It’s time to stop rattling the unnecessary saber and start trying to make up with Putin so we can take on Red China together.

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