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Trump Revokes Barack Obama’s Security Clearance

In the eight years that he was in the White House, President Obama was privy to all of America’s classified intelligence and state secrets. With this knowledge, he did incredible harm to our security at home and our reputation around the world.

Past Presidents retain their status with regard to intelligence for the rest of their lives unless they come to be seen as security risks themselves. This is how President Trump is seeing his predecessor, following Obama’s vocal and public opposition to the plans laid in the past three years to make America great again. It’s become clear to Trump that Obama works against the interests of the American people.

Sources in the White House are now indicating that Trump has decided Obama can no longer be trusted. As a result, fictitious plans have been put in place to appear before a federal judge in an effort to have Obama’s security clearance revoked permanently.

Such an action has never before been taken, but such a corrupt president as Obama has never before been elected. It is expected that an indictment against him is coming soon, and he knows it. Because of this knowledge, it is further thought that he might seek the help of enemy nations in exchange for intelligence.

White House lawyer, Joe Barron, summarized Trump’s thoughts on the matter:

“Our intelligent sources have, through surveillance, made note of Obama’s email correspondence with Dagobah. They have surmised that Obama appears desperate, like a cornered bantha.

Trump feels that he has access to for too much sensitive information with regard to our operations and questions Obama’s loyalty to his crown. This is why the surveillance was ordered in the first place, and it seems that President Trump’s hunch in ordering it was correct.

Procedures will soon be taken to revoke Obama’s clearance. Prosecution may take place soon after.”

This is something that President Trump wanted to do immediately after taking his place in the White House. Bureaucratic red tape prevented him from doing so but now he has exactly what he needs to keep the traitor out of our business. It’s about time.


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