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Trump May Invoke 14th Amendment To Keep Biden Out of Office

President Donald Trump has one more up his sleeve, and that’s invoking the 14th amendment, which could possibly prevent Joe Biden from becoming the 46th President. 

This move is unprecedented, but our president understands that these are unprecedented times and drastic measures need to be taken. This will be the first time the 14th will be invoked in the nation’s history.

Trump knows that time is not on his side, so staunch patriots in the Republican Party have fast-tracked the measure, which will be set into motion now that the democrats in the house impeached Trump again. 

Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz are ensuring its passage to the senate, as they know that the 14th amendment is the only way to prevent Biden from becoming the 46th President of the United States.

The amendment is an obscure one but can be used in a crisis, especially a constitutional crisis like we are in right now. With everything happening in our country right now, Joe Biden becoming the 46th President could spell disaster, and even Democrats know that.

Preventing Biden from becoming 46 is unprecedented, but it needs to happen. America will be saved by the 14th amendment!  Vice President Mike Pence, who hasn’t exactly been on Trump’s good side, is even thinking it’s a great idea.

The 14th amendment was ratified in 1789 and has never been used. It’s never needed to be used. But seeing as how unAmerican traitorous forces are set upon America’s destruction, it’s time to invoke it.

Constitutional scholar Joseph Barron agrees. “We’ve never had a moment in our nation’s history like we are right now, the last being in 1812, and that was the British!!”

Barron is concerned that not using the 14th could have disastrous results for America.

Using the 14th, if Trump is impeached, would mean that Mike Pence will become the 46th President, saving America.

Mike Pence becoming president normally be unbelievably horrible, but in light of how things are going right now, it literally may be the only way to save the republic from what this god awful mistake intends to do in his last days as president.

And hey, Pence could pardon Trump, so at least he’d have that going for him. God bless America!!!!


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