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Trump Gets Subpoenas For Arizona Routers, Paving The Way To Reinstatement

Donald Trump knows where all the information about 2020 is hidden.  At CPAC 2021, he made the announcement that patriotic Americans knew all along. The information is out there, and it’s hidden. It’s hidden in the routers. All of the information for the Maricopa county elections are on the routers. Finally we have answers.

Cyber Ninjas, the company charged with auditing the Maricopa county, Arizona election results can now cut through the red tape and go directly to the source. They knew it was there, the trail was evident. But now, all they have to do is subpoena the routers, and the mystery of the election is solved and reinstatement is nigh.

It all came down to this. It all comes down to the routers that hold every bit of information. President Trump figured it out.

Mike Lindell, pillow salesman, staunch Christian conservative and crack addict brainstormed with the former twice impeached president on where all the information could have been stored. Lindell asked Trump “What about the routers?”  Not knowing a thing on how the internet or any actual technology works, they knew this must be where it is. And then at CPAC, Trump pounced. “We need the routers, we must subpoena the routers, the routers”.

Joe Barron, a computer expert, sat down for an interview with ALLOD news:

  • Barron: “A router is simply a way to access the internet. Nothing is stored on a router, it doesn’t have those capabilities.” 
  • ALLOD: “Is this man a complete idiot? Does he not understand, anything?”
  • Barron: “Afraid not. And neither do his millions of brainless supporters who also have routers in their homes to connect them to the internet.”

But fear not. We will hear about the routers on social media posts and by random red hat-wearing Neanderthals in Walmart that they know for a fact that all of the Arizona information is stored on routers and all that needs to happen is Trump will get the subpoenas and immediately be reinstated to the office of the President, because nobody not one of them ever picked up a copy of the constitution that they know nothing about, nor do they understand the simple technology that sits in each one of their homes so they can watch Gunsmoke reruns on Netflix.

God bless America. We’re gonna need it.


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