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Trump Assumes Control Of The Republican Party Effective Immediately

Donald Trump is showing the world that he’s not afraid of the fake news charges pending against him from the Manhattan DA, The SDNY US Attorney, and the Georgia Attorney General’s office.

According to interior documents filed with the Department of Electoral Republican Protocol, Donald Trump is, without question, the official leader of the GOP.

Mitch McConnell isn’t happy. Our sources tell us that he’s meeting with all the RINOs as we speak, trying to get them to oust Trump loyalists in the 2022 primaries.

It’s really a shame that the old-school Republicans think they still have anything to say about the new GOP. We don’t need their crusty old ways and platforms when we can just be the party of Trump.

Let them call us a cult. Let them say we’re deplorable. Let them point at us and laugh when we make complete fools of ourselves with our cult rallies and white supremacism.

The Republican party of old is gone. It now belongs to us! The true patriots!

We’ll show them that there’s a place in this country for bigotry and hate and that when we put our heads together, we have the collective IQ of a peanut.

So, patriots. Don’t forget. Voting is overrated. Rallies are where you show your real support.

God bless America.

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