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Trump Announces His Pick To Beat Mitch McConnell: ‘We Need That RINO Gone’

Good news, Patriots. Donald Trump has made his choice of who will take Mitch McConnell’s place as the Senate Minority Leader from Kentucky. Sources close to Trump confirm…there will be a Trump running things when Mitch’s term is up.

According to sources, the pick is most likely to be Eric, since Don Jr. is probably going to be Trump’s VP pick in 2024. Other possibilities are Tiffany or Kimberly Guilfoyle, who will certainly be a Trump by then.

Eric Trump says he’s excited to move to Kentucky and hopes the maple syrup is everything they’ve made it out to be:

“I hear Fort Knox is also in Kentucky, but that they don’t do maple syrup there, so I won’t visit. America has spoken.”

Eric seems perfectly suited for the task of running for office as a Trump. He rarely forms coherent sentences and doesn’t much care about what’s true, but rather what’s good for the people listening to him at any given time.

It’s the mark of a truly great statesman. According to research done on both YouTube and Vimeo, Eric Trump would make a perfect senator and eventually he could also be in his brother’s cabinet when he’s elected.

Eric says he’s looking forward to moving as soon as possible so he can hit the campaign trail for the 2022 midterms. His family supports the move and wishes him well.

McConnell says he’s not too worried about losing to a Trump in 2022:

“I just won an election, so I’m not running again until 2026, but I wish him well next year.”

If McConnell wants to use that kind of technicality to get out of running against a Trump, so be it. Eric will just run unopposed.

God bless America.

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