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Trey Gowdy Joins Trump Campaign Team – Could Be Next VP

Donald Trump has been making some major political moves, and nobody seems to be noticing. It seems the Democrats have written him off as a serious threat, which was their big mistake last time he won.

Next time he won’t need to rely on a robot like Mike Pence to lick his rectal area. He can instead, according to reports, get his bungy licked by none other than Trey Gowdy himself.

Gowdy is said to have joined the Trump 2024 campaign, according to a source who may or may not have actual knowledge of the story. We won’t know until we develop it further in the next paragraph or two.

According to another source, the first source could be considered credible, if he or she were real, which seems highly unlikely at this time.

That doesn’t mean Trey Gowdy isn’t real or that Trump’s desire to rule the universe doesn’t rival any good Bond villain. It just means the story itself is a clearly labeled crock of doody.

Of course, that may not matter to those who don’t matter, since mattering about matters that matter isn’t something those who don’t matter believe matters.

Grammarly says that sentence is correct. Nice.

Anyway, Patriots, Trey Gowdy will no doubt be a major player if and when he does join the Trump 2020 team, even if that never happens.

Trust in the plan, patriots.

God bless America.

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