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The View Won’t Be Re-Signing Whoopi Goldberg Next Season

A spokesman for The View won’t confirm or deny reports that Whoopi Goldberg won’t be re-signed for next season’s run. The show, forced to suspend Whoopi for hating Jews, says she’s become too much of a liability.

“She just can’t seem to filter out her racism and antisemitism,” said The View, “we can’t function as a tool for recruiting the left if she keeps discriminating against our own.”

The View has had some rough years. It was a good show once, when Elizabeth Hasselbeck was there being all adorable and singing the praises of George W Bush when we still liked him. Now? Now it’s just a hatefest.

They hate guns. They hate corporations. They hate God. They hate America. They might as well burn flags right there on the set. All they do is hate, hate, hate. Most of that hate comes directly from the queen of mean, Whoopi Goldberg.

Those days are over. Goldberg has done to herself what nobody else could: made the left hate her. And for that, she’s out of a job.

There’s no word yet on who will replace Whoopi next season, but some of the names being tossed around are Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, and Candace Owens. Candace is unlikely to take the gig.

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