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The UN Just Gave the Taliban $32 Million, Has Pledged to Give them $20 Million Each Week

On Thursday, Afghanistan’s Taliban-controlled central bank announced that it had received $32 million in cash from the UN, which is now, bizarrely, sending cash aid to prop up the Islamist, terrorist regime.

That cash apparently came as part of a UN pledge to deliver $20 million weekly to the Taliban until March of 2022. It is meant to inject liquidity into Afghanistan and help the terrorist-controlled nation fend off an economic collapse.

As Reuters reported back in November of 2021, the US withdrawal did place a severe strain on the Islamist state’s banking system, and that the UN, worried about the end effects of such a collapse, was pushing for “urgent action” to stave it off. That outlet reported that:

The United Nations on Monday pushed for urgent action to prop up Afghanistan’s banks, warning that a spike in people unable to repay loans, lower deposits and a cash liquidity crunch could cause the financial system to collapse within months.

In a three-page report on Afghanistan’s banking and financial system seen by Reuters, the U.N. Development Programme (UNDP) said the economic cost of a banking system collapse – and consequent negative social impact – “would be colossal.”

An abrupt withdrawal of most foreign development support after the Taliban seized power on Aug. 15 from Afghanistan’s Western-backed government has sent the economy into freefall, putting a severe strain on the banking system which set weekly withdrawal limits to stop a run on deposits.

Apparently, that “urgent action” was permitted and the UN got to start shipping pallets of cash to the Taliban, an enemy Americans and their UN allies fought against and were killed by for twenty years. Even after all that death, we’re being asked to send them cash and Team Brandon is going along with it.

Yet worse, the UN is sending the millions over despite knowing that the Taliban terrorists that receive the money could very well be stealing it. As Breitbart reports:


UNDP conceded that efforts to stabilize the banking system by injecting U.S. dollars would face the risk of the Taliban simply stealing the cash.

“We need to find a way to make sure that if we support the banking sector, we are not supporting the Taliban,” UNDP Afghanistan head Abdallah al Dardari said in November.

“We are in such a dire situation that we need to think of all possible options and we have to think outside the box. What used to be three months ago unthinkable has to become thinkable now,” Dardari said.

So, in summary, the Taliban and NATO fought a brutal war for twenty years in which thousands of NATO troops, and tens of thousands of their Afghan allies, were killed, with tens of thousands more being horribly wounded and maimed by the terrorists.

But now, because the UN is worried about a “liquidity” crunch in a “nation” primarily composed of small villages that have changed little since Alexander the Great invaded, we’re being asked to send them tens of millions of dollars each week and the Pantsuit Empire types are going along with it.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics


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