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The FBI Comes Down on the Pelosi Family

A $1,500 check to a rugby club might bring the whole Pelosi empire crumbling to the ground, or at least put a significant dent in it. That’s because the check was allegedly a bribe paid by Nancy Pelosi’s son, one that the Feds are investigating him for.

Pelosi’s son, Paul Pelosi Jr., was recently outed as being involved in 5 companies that have been investigated by the Feds for various shady actions. He’s never been arrested or fined for any of it, but he was connected to far more companies involved in corruption or thievery than the average person.

Now there’s another, and this time he might be implicated in the wrongdoing. That’s according to the Daily Mail, which reports that:

Nancy Pelosi‘s son is embroiled in an FBI investigation into a San Francisco official who was allegedly bribed to turn a blind eye to a corrupt real estate plot.

Paul Pelosi Jr. and at least three of his associates were interviewed by agents in a five-year investigation that resulted in an indictment of a prolific building permit fixer for allegedly bribing a city official.

Allegedly, Paul Pelosi Jr. and his “associates” were involved in bribing an official, Rodrigo Santos, to remove permit violations on a squalid, obviously not up to code dwelling owned by Pelosi Jr.’s girlfriend.

They allegedly bribed Santos, who’s since been indicted for fraud, by funneling thousands of dollars to a rugby club that another allegedly corrupt official, Bernie Curran, supports.

Though both Curran and Santos deny any wrongdoing, it appears that the FBI has some pretty hard evidence on them: the check. As the Daily Mail reported:

One of Santos’s clients, named only as ‘Client 9’ in the FBI documents, wrote the Golden Gate Youth Rugby Association a check for $1,500 to encourage Curran to remove violation notices against a squalid Mission District ‘hotel’ – known among building inspectors as ‘The Pit’ – which had a long history of dangerous permit violations, according to text messages obtained by the feds.


The Daily Mail report also adds that while prosecutors haven’t named clients of Santos, one of the corrupt officials, Paul Pelosi Jr. was attempting to get violation notices removed from a horrid building fitting such a description at the time, leading to the idea that he’s the mysterious “Client 9,” or that one of his business partners is.

Adding credence to that speculation is that Paul Jr. admitted to “helping remove the citations from the property” in 2019.

The FBI also supposedly has texts between the parties involved in which they discuss the price of the bribe check and what the party trying to get the violation notices removed wanted for its money.

While her son has been busy paying petty bribes to avoid fixing up a squalid tenement, Nancy herself has been dabbling in real estate too. Well, perhaps not dabbling. She has a real estate portfolio worth tens of millions, one that, along with her stock trading, helps supplement her meager Congressional income.

Perhaps Paul Jr., if he avoids jail, can stick to managing the family hotels and office buildings rather than paying petty bribes that draw federal attention.


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