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Texas Governor Abbott Steps Up Shipments to Biden – He Just Sent the Lone Star State’s 6th Bus

Last week, we saw Gov. Abbott’s first bus full of migrants reach D.C. The Democrats didn’t know what to do, so they apparently ignored it.

But the Texas governor is far from being finished. He is demanding Biden pay attention to the growing border crisis.

And he’s definitely got Joe’s attention now.

From The Washington Examiner:

The sixth bus of illegal migrants arrived in Washington, D.C., from Texas late Sunday night.

About 20 migrants were seen disembarking near Union Station in the nation’s capital.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said via a statement on Sunday that the busing of migrants is part of his strategy to address President Joe Biden’s “failure to secure the border.”

So far, Gov. Abbott has sent six buses full of migrants to D.C. to force Joe Biden to deal with the border crisis. It appears he’s shipped dozens of border jumpers to Washington so far.

Reports indicate that this has already had an effect, at least among Texas border towns. DHS is no longer dumping border jumpers into these communities, according to some reports.

But Biden has yet to reverse his open border policies. He still seems set to eliminate the last few rules that are keeping our borders secure.

Meanwhile, his crooked press department is pretending like Abbott’s scheme is no big deal. I wonder how long until local D.C. residents get pretty upset?

How long before Democrats in Congress realize they can’t keep ignoring this crisis? Rest assured, they won’t do anything proper about it. But they might put pressure on Biden to do something.

But the real solution won’t come while Joe’s still in office. Our only hope is that Republicans can retake Congress and have the power to stem the bleeding.

Until we get a new president.


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