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Ted Cruz Just Refused To Back Down – He Wants A New Investigation Into Machines Vote-Switching From Trump To Biden

Like many other top Republicans, Sen. Ted Cruz is joining the fight to help get a fair and honest election result.

President Trump refuses to concede without proof that all legal votes have been counted—and anything less than legal is discovered.

The media keeps claiming there is “no” evidence anything remotely wrong happened. But Americans aren’t buying it. More concerning reports are coming out, including testimony from witnesses.

And Cruz is demanding an investigation to make sure votes from a key county were counted right:

Ted Cruz is questioning election software used in Michigan that had a “glitch” that switched thousands of votes for Trump to Biden.

While that mistake was caught and fixed, Cruz says this same software is used in the rest of the state (and other states). He is demanding that there be an “examination” to ensure similar glitches have affected the outcome of the election.

Yet the media continues to pretend that these concerns—from top leaders—are all hogwash.

They must have forgotten about the 2000 Election. Back then, Al Gore demanded a recount of just one state: Florida.

The media bent over backward to accommodate him, refusing to call the election even as the process dragged out for a month.

But today, the media can’t wait a few weeks for investigations, recounts, and lawsuits to play out? Are they so convinced the election is settled… or do they just want conservatives to give up?

There’s a well-known Robin Williams movie where he’s elected president over a computer “glitch.” Do we want the same thing to happen in real life—because someone worse than a comedian might end up in the Oval Office!

Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot—and Biden was demanding recounts and lawsuits? Do you think the media (even Fox News) would be so quick to dismiss his concerns and call the race for Trump?

I think you know the answer to that.

Should there be an open, public audit of this software and the rest of our voting systems?


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