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Supreme Court Will Hear Case To Strip Nancy Pelosi Of Her Gavel

According to a source inside the Supreme Court, the justices have voted 6-3 along party lines to hear a case to strip Nancy Pelosi of her gavel.

The source, which may or may not be completely credible or real, has delivered valuable information in the past that has made hyperbolic headlines soar for months on end.

The case was brought first to a local court in Mississippi, where a judge ruled Pelosi could be not just stripped of her gavel but executed for being such a nasty woman with a mean streak and a drinking problem. 94 percent of the states 58 percent caucasian residents agree with the judge, which is a gerrymandered supermajority in a red state.

The case has made its way up the imaginary ladder through Trump judges, most of whom barely graduated high school but now have lifetime appointments and federal pensions in exchange for some contracting debt he wrote off. Probably.

Now, the Supreme Court will hear the case and decide if a legal team of truck flaggers with nothing but their own Tik Tok rants as evidence have a leg to stand on, or if the mockery can finally just come to an end.

Whatever the outcome, Nancy Pelosi is sure to not care.

God bless America.

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