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Sam Elliott Sets Record Straight: ‘I’m 100% For Trump’

Road House actor and long time conservative activist Sam Elliott has been bandied about liberal media in recent days for lending his voice to the Biden campaign.

As it turns out, the voice heard in the Biden ad was actually that of liberal impressionist Frank Caliendo.

“When I heard my own voice being used for such an unjust cause as the Biden/Harris campaign is, I went into a rage. My wife had to hold me back from kicking the living shit out of my chihuahua, Justine.”

The underhanded move by the Biden campaign to mimic Sam Elliott’s iconic voice follows years of misleading memes and contrived quotes meant to confuse conservative voters. While we expect fake news coming from the radical left, to see it coming from the former Vice President himself sets a dangerous precedent.

It is a shameful and deceitful act on behalf of the Democratic Party.

Since his legendary role in ‘The Big Lebowski’, Sam Elliot has served as the voice of conservatives worldwide. His luscious mustache and unforgettable southern drawl have leant themselves to many conservative causes and Republican campaigns. Recently, he championed the Dakota Access

Pipeline and threw his considerable Hollywood weight behind Lyndsay Graham’s re-election campaign.

“If Patrick Swayze was still alive, we’d walk straight into Biden’s retirement home and donkey punch him.”

Clearly, in denial of the deception, Biden’s campaign released a statement saying, “Mr. Caliendo was hired to voice an ad. He was not instructed to do any impressions and no deceit was intentional. Any similarities between the voices of Mr. Caliendo and Mr. Elliot are purely coincidental.”

We urge our readers to listen to the ad and compare it to Sam Elliot in the Hollywood classic “Ghostrider” and judge for themselves.

And we can’t blame him. What the Biden campaign did goes beyond identity theft. It threatens the soul of America and weakens our democracy.

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