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Republicans Retake Power: They Promise To Investigate Everything From FBI Abuses To Hunter Biden

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When the GOP wins an election, it refuses to utilize its authority, claiming that if it does, the Democrats would do the same in the future. This was most visible during the first two years of Trump’s term, when Republicans controlled the House, Senate, and President and did nothing except approve tax cuts.

There will be no investigations, no attacks on opponents, nothing. That would be OK if the Democrats did the same, refusing to use their power out of fear of what the Republicans would do with it, but they don’t.

Rather, as seen by the impeachments, the Russia hoax, the January 6th committee, and everything else, they use their power to attack their opponents.

As a result, when the GOP wins, it does nothing while the Democrats do all they can get away with, steadily pulling the country to the left and making it hard for the GOP to be effective.

Fortunately, the divide between how the two parties utilize the power they get in elections may be closing; Republican representatives are already declaring they will use the authority they gain in 2022 to investigate everything from FBI abuses to the Hunter Biden affair.

Rep. Mike Johnson, the Louisiana Republican who serves as the ranking member of the Subcommittee on Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties, told Just the News that it’s time for the GOP to confront the FBI, and that it will do so once it has the power to summon the FBI to a hearing and demand answers.

Although the FBI gathers all of this data while conducting warrantless surveillance, he adds, “you’re supposed to go through some fairly hefty gates to ensure that privacy protections and constitutional rights are not breached.” During the Russia investigation, however, there was widespread violation with basic norms.

Likewise, Texas Rep. Lance Gooden expressed concern about the enormous stream of illegal immigrants now crossing the border and urged that Biden be held accountable through impeachment.

“The government, unfortunately, run by this president, is encouraging nonprofits like Catholic Charities and the Jewish Family Council to fund transportation for illegal immigrants and housing when they get here, and they’re paying for plane tickets and shuttling to the border.” he said.

It is extremely difficult to get without a majority in either the House or the Senate. However, one of the things we’re working on now in preparation for what we assume to be a Republican majority in the House is oversight.

We’ll be able to call witnesses. We’ll be bringing in members of the administration to answer questions, and I believe impeachment is a real possibility at this point.

Sen. Rand Paul has recently hopped on the power-wielding bandwagon, encouraging the GOP to call Fauci before a committee and hold him accountable for all he’s done if they retake control.

Another Kentuckian, Rep. James Comer, ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, told Just the News that if the GOP retakes power, it would examine Hunter Biden, adding, “We have a lot of issues about where he gets his money, from his artwork, and from his consulting arrangements.”

All of these remarks are only beginnings, but they may foreshadow a shift in how the GOP will act if it retakes power; the days of avoiding using power to get desired outcomes are past, and the time of the GOP acting like its rivals to smash those adversaries may be upon us. Let’s hope so, for the counterattack isn’t far off.

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