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Poll: The Majority of America Thinks Trump is a Better President than Brandon

According to a recent Harvard-Harris poll, Americans think Trump did a better job as president than Brandon is doing.

The poll, which recorded the responses of 1,815 registered voters, first asked those voters “In general, do you think the country is on the right track or is it off on the wrong track?

The answers tracked with what many have been reporting recently. 33% of respondents said they thought the country is on the right track, 59% said the nation is on the wrong track, and the remaining 8% were unsure.

The next question was similar, but focused on the economy rather than the country as a whole, asking “In general, do you think the American economy is on the right track or is it off on the wrong track?

The response to that question was even more negative; 62% of respondents said that the economy is on the wrong track with only 29% saying it was on the right track. This time 9% of those polled were unsure.

The poll then asked about Brandon himself, asking “Do you approve or disapprove of the job Joe Biden is doing as President of the United States?

The results were pretty bad, though not as bad as some polls have found. The total percentage of Americans who Strongly or Somewhat Approve of him is 39%, with 18% strongly improving and 21% somewhat approving of him. 54% in total either somewhat or strongly disapprove of how he’s doing, with 13% somewhat disapproving and a massive 40% strongly disapproving.

So, far more people have strong negative feelings about Brandon than have strong positive feelings about him.

The poll then asked how people view him as doing on a variety of issues, asking “Do you approve or disapprove of the job President Biden is doing on…?

The results weren’t encouraging for Brandon, with rarely more than 40% of people thinking he was doing a good job on any given issue.

Then, later, the poll told respondents “Now we will show you some names and groups. Please indicate if you have a favorable or unfavorable view of that person or group – or if you’ve never heard of them.

Two of the names were typical for any political question- Joe Biden and Donald Trump. 47% gave former president Trump a favorable rating while only 39% had a favorable view of Brandon. Incidentally and perhaps surprisingly, only 38% of people said they had a favorable view of Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

That result, at least between Trump and Biden, is much the same as what a recent Rasmussen poll found. That poll asked: “Suppose you had a choice between four presidential candidates. All four had equal skills and temperament. Would you prefer a Republican who supported policies like President Trump, a more traditional Republican, a Democrat who supported policies similar to Senator Bernie Sanders, or a more traditional Democrat?

What it found was that 30 percent, which though not a majority was a plurality, said they would support a Trumpy Republican pushing Trump-like policies, while only 17 percent said that they would prefer a “more traditional Republican.” Even better for the GOP, only 21 percent of respondents said they would support a Democrat “supporting Sanders’ policies,” while 19 percent said that they wanted a “more traditional Democrat.”

So, no option came close to the Trump option. That’s how Americans view Trump and RINOs.


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