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Pelosi’s Daughters Arrested Breaking Into Liquor Store For ‘Quarantine Supplies’

The apples don’t fall far from the tree, they say, and nowhere is it more obvious than in the case of Nancy Pelosi‘s daughters. Often in trouble, they have lately shown that they share the trait most commonly associated with their mother…..a hopeless addiction to alcohol.

Both Melissa, 21, and Daphne, 19, were arrested this past weekend in San Francisco, California for breaking and entering. Officers were alerted to their crime by a silent alarm at “This Is The Way To Liquor,” a liquor store close to their home that had recently decided to temporarily close due to slow sales during the state’s lockdown.

The sisters had been incredibly upset by the decision to close, as the massive warehouse of spirits was their preferred place to shop for their partying needs. So this past Friday evening when they ran out of refreshments, the Pelosis decided that they would go there and just help themselves. Entering through the back door, the siblings walked in and proceeded to take from the shelves whatever they deserved, consuming as they went. It was a real ransacking.

The first officer on the scene was none other than Joe Barron, who gave a brief summary of the night’s events:

“The two girls were absolutely obliterated drunk. They thought that they had every right to be there for being loyal customers over the years and couldn’t understand why we had come to arrest them. They shouted out that they had to be there because they needed ‘vital quarantine supplies.’

When it did finally dawn on them that they were going to lock-up, they simply laughed and said that mommy would get them out right away and that I would lose my job for arresting ‘California royalty,’ as they called themselves. That was all I needed to hear. The handcuffs went on, and the daughters Pelosi spent the night in the drunk tank. I wish we could’ve kept the spoiled brats even longer.”

Mother Nancy did manage to get them sprung, but not until morning, as she was not alerted to their capture until after she had woken up from her own drunken stupor. And yes, charges previously filed by the DA were mysteriously dropped, despite all the flawless evidence in their possession with which to prosecute. Once again, Democrat corruption reared its head.


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