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Pelosi: ‘Social Security Recipients Are Just A Burden On Society’

It’s no secret that the Democrat Party wants to eliminate the senior’s income and medical programs that citizens have paid into all their lives. They constantly talk about massive cuts to both Social Security and Medicare.

Cortez and Omar are known to have called the programs ‘entitlements’ and seek their elimination. House Democrats are constantly stealing from SS to fund their own socialist pet projects.

And now Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has publicly stated her disdain for the systems that our seniors have earned and which keep them from becoming homeless and destitute.

At a recent $5000-a-plate fundraising event for orphaned San Francisco lemurs, Pelosi, drink in hand, raged about the greatest generation and their place in America today:

“These people are leeches. All they do is suck from the public teat. Take, take, take.

There are people in this country who need things like welfare and food stamps, yes. It’s income assistance. We help them get back on their feet when times are tough. But people on social security fall in a whole different category. They are not taking government money temporarily. They have no intention of rejoining the workforce and once again becoming productive members of America. They just want to take forever and want no conditions to be placed on the money. Social Security recipients are nothing more than burdens on society.”

Donald Trump responded:

“No, Nancy. They are not burdens. They are great Americans who built this country and who paid into the safety net system all their lives. That is not government money, it is their money…..and you’re not touching it.”

Republicans are trying to figure out why Nancy Pelosi would say something that would definitely get her re-elected in Kentucky if she switched “social security” for “welfare” but is certain political suicide in her home state.

Most experts are assuming that the quote is actually a construct and not necessarily real or something a person actually said.

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