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Pelosi Moves $3 Billion from Social Security to Fund 2nd Impeachment

If you’re having a case of deja vu all over again for the second time, you’re not alone.

It was just more than a year ago that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her congressional Democrat majority held impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, using over two billion dollars worth of funds shifted from the social security account by Pelosi herself.

And now again, Democrats are readying a never-before attempted second impeachment event, this time in response to Trump’s incitement of his murderously dangerous cult members to gather for what is now being called : “A Potato Purge” this last Wednesday at the Capitol.   The death toll now stands at 5.

Joe Barron of D.C. Queefing Today sat down with Pelosi to question why she’s pulling money from the same source and what we might expect from the sure-to-be political circus.

“As I made clear the last time around, Trump’s followers are mostly older, gullible retirees who have convinced themselves that they’re somehow in the right while condoning their own downfalls.  Therefore, they are the ones who have to pay when we have to correct, AGAIN, their mistake.  This time, he’ll be convicted and jailed.  Encouraging domestic terrorists?  We’ll throw him in a farm waste shitbarrel and leave him in some corner cell in Gitmo.  Happy trails, stupid.  Make prison great again.”

Although the first time Pelosi withdrew funds from social security was both fictional and ridiculous, it caused great consternation among the tragically teabagged.

Experts believe this second helping may reopen those wounds to some degree and, possibly, buy author Fallis Gunnington a Smokey and the Bandit “Pop” bobblehead.

What will come this second time in the eyes of justice for failed former President Donald Trump? Probably not the result we all know is necessary and well-deserved.

But at least he’ll go down as the most shameful figure in American history.

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