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Pelosi Humiliated: Feds Handcuff ‘Irrational’ House Speaker While Raiding Her Office

Nancy Pelosi got to feel like a common criminal today when she refused to comply with a standard search warrant. The FBI, in conjunction with the US Capitol Marshals Service, delivered the warrant to Pelosi’s office to search for “anything and everything pertinent to the investigation into the Deep State shadow government.”

Pelosi, who was already drunk by 9 AM, threw a little temper tantrum and had to be detained “for her own protection as well as those around her.” The warrant was executed and Pelosi was released without incident.

According to the Marshals’ office, they logged 14 boxes of material evidence deemed to be conducive to the ongoing investigation. The Justice Department hasn’t commented, as they’re concerned about leaks from deeply embedded agents from the Obama Administration. The evidence is said to be even more proof that the democrats are the corrupt ones, including some recordings of Hillary Clinton admitting she hired James Comey.

Pelosi may be implicated personally for collusion with a foreign enemy if the ties between the Clintons and Ukraine can be confirmed. There’s also speculation that Pelosi may have had a record of the Uranium One transaction that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that Hillary sold 20 percent of our country’s nuclear weapons fuel to Russia.

How many Democrats will go down in flames from this last round of search warrants? Plenty, says a spokesman fur John Durham:

“We’ve collected evidence of 17 felonies on the part of Pelosi’s staff, and we’ll be pushing them to talk with immunity agreements. Those who won’t cooperate will find themselves getting used to the weather in Guantanimo Bay.”

The entire ordeal lasted more than 3 hours, with Pelosi complaining the whole time. Her team is now working feverishly to try to have the picture of her in handcuffs deleted from the internet using a House rule that protects her from being slandered in public with ridiculous lies and conspiracy theories. Not that she has a case, since all of this seems to be true.

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

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