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Obamas To Legally Represent Asylum-Seeking Refugees

Both former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama were disbarred and lost their licenses to practice law years ago, due to shady and underhanded dealings.

The above paragraph is what nearly all Trump supporters believe, due to getting any and all political information from the internet and social media, combined with doing their “research” and “homework” spending seven minutes watching amateur Mike Lindells invent nonsense to stoke mental illness on YouTube.

None of it is true, and has been proven literally millions of times over, bringing the cult into a bright spotlight of gullibility and irrational reasoning that is undeniable.  It’s exactly why normal people tend to take their ramblings and opinions as the absolute Wal-Mart plastic bags full of horseshit that they are.

Related to such nonsense comes the story that both Obamas will be using their legal talents to represent refugees at the border in processing their asylum claims.  See, it’s all a secret plan to make them citizens who will vote Democrat, a dastardly move only figured out by geniuses sitting in front of a laptop in Dumbsville, Alabama, who are in the know.

Fox News arthritis expert Sandra Batt says that absolutely nothing that these people believe about Obama, or immigration for that matter, is true, or even plausible.

“My favorite attempt at a trumptard trying to appear close to intelligent on a human level, is when they protest that they’re anti ILLEGAL immigration, but don’t mind the legal kind, when the proper avenues are taken.  That comes two seconds before they call people legally seeking to start the asylum process ‘invaders’, and electrify the wall of their double-wide because apparently, Jose and Guadalupe want to break in and steal their priceless beer can collection.”

At any rate, both the Obamas, who are perfectly able to practice law after proceeding an estimated 30 school grades past the average Trump clam, will begin their work after a brief trip to Benghazi to throw a hummus party.

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