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Obama’s Former Department of Defense Official Sentenced To 7.5 Years For Bribery

Obama’s former Department of Defense Officer of Inspector General(DoD OIG) has officially been sentenced to 7.5 years in federal prison for defrauding the United States government, accepting bribes, and other fraudulent crimes involved with contracts he oversaw as the DoD OIG.

A press release from the Department of Justice has reported, Mathew LumHo, 47,  was an official at the DoD OIG Information Service Sector during the Obama era. While he was in his position, court documents revealed that LumHo solicited and secretly accepted bribes from a co-conspirator by the name of William S. Wilson.

According to the Department of Justice:

Beginning no later than 2012, LumHo solicited and accepted bribes from co-conspirator William S. Wilson, in exchange for steering what nominally was intended to be telecommunications or information technology services through the prime government contract, through an intermediary telecommunications company, to Wilson’s company. Wilson’s company received all of this business without any competition, despite its lack of any relevant experience or expertise, and despite having no employees based in or near northern Virginia, where all the work was to be performed. Wilson and LumHo disguised the bribes by falsely masking them as payroll payments to a relative of LumHo for a job that did not in fact exist, with the bribes being deposited into an account that LumHo in fact controlled.

As LumHo got deeper and deeper into the fraudulent scheme, he started to authorize false service orders through the main government contract. The fraudulent service orders would claim to offer services such as “IT-related support service” when in reality the co-conspirators were just marking up the price of commercial equipment and charging the government for it. LumHo also was caught using false service orders for bribes that would be paid by government funds.

There has been a lot of strange corrupt business dealings during the Obama era. One example is Obama’s own White House advisor, Seth Andrew, recently pled guilty to a $218,000 theft scheme.

Obama’s former White House advisor, Seth Andrew, wired money from a charter school network fund into his own bank account in order to get a lower interest rate for a luxury apartment in Manhattan.

In his most recent court hearing Andrew plead guilty to wire fraud and is facing more charges that involve making a false statement to a bank and money laundering. Altogether, he’s facing up to 20 years in prison but will likely get a sweetheart deal due to his connection to Obama.

These aren’t the only shady business dealings that occurred during the Obama era. Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was on the board of the Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, while Joe Biden was the Vice President and the overseer of the United States foreign policy with Ukraine at the time. Hunter Biden was also able to get a Kazakhstan oligarch to give  John Kerry’s daughter, Alexandra Forbes Kerry, an investment of $1 million for a filmmaking project.

It appears the Obama administration benefited the most while Obama was president, whereas the American people did not economically benefit and were forced to pay these corrupted officials.


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