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Obama Spotted At White House Every Day Last Week

Former President Barack Obama hasn’t been in office since January of 2017, but that hasn’t stopped him from being at the White House. Obama has been spotted and photographed at the White House every single day in the last week, and sources say he’s been a constant fixture there since the day after Biden took office.

White House officials who want to remain anonymous say that not only is Obama at the White House, he’s also advising Joe Biden.

There have been rumors of an Obama office in the White House for weeks, and this may be further evidence that the former President, despite republican objection and possibly constitutional objections that a former president can even in the people’s house for anything but short visits. 

There are reports that every day Obama is on the White House grounds it costs the taxpayers $236,000. $236,000 per day to the taxpayers for Obama to be there. Wow.

Obama being there could mean a massive conflict of interest, plus patriotic Americans feel that if Obama is there, he will guide Biden to a much more liberal agenda, where Biden will take the guns Obama forgot about, provide Abortions to trans men and women, go golfing multiple times at taxpayer expense and send Jewish space lasers to instill Matzo law across the land.

The consequences could be severe and ridiculous.

Presidential historian Sandy Batt pointed out that ex-presidents generally don’t even visit the White House more than once a year after their terms are up, and Obama is there constantly. Batt worries that Obama could be setting up a shadow deep state government to control the potato harvests across America, and that would be bad for the conservative potato growers in places like Idaho and Guam.

Americans should be worried that Obama, back in the White House with any kind of say or control will also sway Biden to consider instituting Shania Law, where From This Moment On, Men Will Feel Like A Woman, and honestly, That Don’t Impress Us Much.

Pray for America and a good outcome from this. We can’t take much more, considering there are taco trucks popping up on every corner.

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