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Nigel Farage Rips Into Biden, Says He’s Turned America into a “Bad Joke”

Under Trump, America was respected even if he himself wasn’t well-liked. Though Germany, France, Russia, or any other country might have personally disliked our bull in a china shop president and his unique, hard-nosed way of doing business, his attitude ensured that our nation was respected.

Our friends and enemies both knew where we stood and knew where the lines were; as a result there were no new wars, nations in the Middle East made peace with Israel, and a chaotic world was somewhat calmer.

Further, our NATO “allies” finally started taking their responsibilities at least somewhat seriously, grudgingly increasing their defense budgets at Trump’s behest.

Now, all of that is gone. Iran is running rampant. The Taliban controls Afghanistan. China seems poised to invade Taiwan. Germany is moving forward with the Nord Stream II pipeline while simultaneously continuing to demand American protection.

Do they respect the doddering fool in the White House? No, no they don’t.

Why? According to Nigel Farage, the conservative UK politician behind Brexit who describes himself as very pro-American, it’s because of the disaster in Afghanistan. After the world saw our troops routed by some terrorists living in the mountains, it stopped respecting us.

Speaking to Just the News’s John Solomon, Farage utterly unloaded on Brandon Thursday, saying:

“[I]n terms of its presence on the international stage, and what it says as the leader of the free world being taken seriously, America right now is no better than a bad joke.”

“A bad joke.” Thanks to President Brandon the Incompetent, that’s what America, the world’s sole superpower, is to her oldest ally.


But Farage didn’t stop there. He went on to explain how the disaster in Afghanistan impacted the manner in which foreigners view the US, saying:

“Nobody wanted it to go on forever. But there had to be the right way, and the right moment, to leave. And for Biden to unilaterally withdraw the biggest force — the American force — without even referring to your closest allies in the world since 1917; and when the British prime minister calls to have an urgent conversation, not to return that phone call for 30 hours, how on earth could we trust America again?

How on earth can NATO, frankly, continue to operate? And is it any wonder, given that situation, and given that collapse of leadership in the free world, that Putin is now taunting us from the borders of the Ukraine?”

Our friends can’t trust us. Our enemies don’t respect us. All has changed within the space of a year. That must be what it looks like to have “the adults back in charge.”

Rather than pro-American policies that lead to international respect and trust, we and the rest of the world instead stuck with an incompetent, senile buffoon that’s taking a wrecking ball to America’s good name and, in the process, imperiling all the peoples and nations that rely on the strong shield of America to protect them from villains and tyrants. Let’s go Brandon!


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