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Newt says Pelosi “failed so totally in her job” to make sure the Capitol riot did not happen

Appearing on Fox News with Laura Ingraham, Newt Gingrich put direct blame on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and accused her of failing to secure the capitol the day the January 6th riot took place.

“I think she is the person who is most responsible for what happened,” Newt said.  “It was her job to ensure there was adequate police.”

“A lot of this is a dance by the Democrats who don’t want us to look very closely at what actually happened,” he added. “As a former speaker, I was deeply offended that anybody would do what they did on the Capitol grounds,” Gingrich said. “But as a former speaker, I was also really offended that the current speaker, Pelosi, failed so totally in her job, which was to make sure this didn’t happen.”



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