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NEWS ALERT: Republican prevails in open U.S. House race, a key win for GOP

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The Associated Press projects that Republican nominee Kevin Kiley will win the open seat for California’s newly drawn 3rd House district, defeating his Democratic opponent, Kermit Jones, in a crucial victory for Republicans.

The GOP win in this district gives Republicans 220 seats, a slight majority when the 118th U.S. Congress convenes next January. Votes are still being counted in three House races.

The Golden State has the largest Congressional delegation with 52 members, though this count has shrunk from 53 seats due to stalling population growth reflected in recent redistricting.

Kiley has served as a Republican State Assemblyman in California since 2016, and helped lead the effort to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom last year.

Kiley was projected to win the race days ago, but the race was not actually called until Tuesday evening. He won the new U.S. House seat with 52.77% of the vote, compared to 47% for his Democrat opponent.

Kiley was interviewed on Fox News on Tuesday, and mocked, “California hasn’t figured out how to count votes. Just like it hasn’t figured out how to pave roads, keep the lights on, or run a DMV.”

Republicans now have 220 House seats, and there are still four races that have not yet been called.

Three of the uncalled races show the Democrat candidates are ahead, and one race still shows Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert ahead by just over 500 votes.

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