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New York Court Screws Jerry Nadler With Redrawn Map That May Redistrict Him Out of Congress

A court-appointed special master screwed Dem Rep Jerry Nadler with a new Congressional map that may redistrict him into the unemployment line. It is time for Nadler to find honest work.

The New York Dems saw the red wave coming and tried a Hail Mary. They tried to gerrymander the state so bad that it threatened to break the red wave in the House and keep Pelosi in her job.

Whether that prospect was too terrifying for the New York courts or the Dems were so greedy and blatant that the court had to act we will never know but the result is a crushing defeat for the Dem Party.

And now two Democratic House committee chairs will have to fight it out in New York’s redrawn 12th Congressional District in what will be a brutal primary with the loser forced to get a real job.

Reps. Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney, who chair the Judiciary and Oversight and Reform committees, said they would both run for the seat.

Nadler said the new lines “violate the NYS constitutional requirements of keeping communities of interest together and keeping the cores of existing districts largely intact” but he will run.

Maloney took the first shot at Jerry reminding him:

“A majority of the communities in the newly redrawn NY-12 are ones I have represented for years and to which I have deep ties.”

From Axios:

Preliminary redrawn New York congressional maps posted online Monday would substantially reduce the number of safe Democratic seats drawn by the state legislature.

Why it matters: Democrats had been leaning on favorable gerrymanders in blue states like Illinois and New York to offset GOP gains in key states like Florida.

While the new New York map, drawn up by a court-appointed mapmaker, is not finalized, it would further devastate Democrats’ chances at keeping the House.

The final maps are due on Friday, pending public feedback, but the expectation is that the map won’t change significantly, a Democratic staffer familiar with the process told Axios.

By the numbers: The map increases the number of competitive districts initially drawn up by the Democrat-controlled state legislature from three to eight, according to the draft document.

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