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Nancy Pelosi’s 4th Husband Files for Divorce: ‘I just Can’t Take It Anymore’

Nancy Pelosi will be in divorce court for a fourth time later this month, to settle her marital disputes with her current husband, Chester McNally Pelosi. Chester claims that Pelosi’s rules are too strict and that he simply can not handle the constant relapses into alcoholism.

In a statement released through his lawyer, Art Tubolls, Mr. Pelosi said:

“I am the 4th man forced to take the name Pelosi to marry a woman not only drunk most of the time, but also drunk on power. Upon marrying nancy one must sign away his right to have a life for the good of her career. Plus, she drinks too much. In the evenings, her work is all we talk about until she starts drinking and then she gets mean.

I am divorcing Nancy Pelosi and proudly taking the McNally name back.”

Pelosi’s office says the bulk of her marriages were arranged and that her main goal was to have seven daughters, which she did. She aborted nine fetuses after being told they were boys. She told her doctor and many others that she was proud to raise a home primarily for women where “the man’s job is to cater to us.”

No wonder Chester wanted a divorce. Pelosi’s other failed marriages included Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jon Voight, and Marsellus Wallace.


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