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‘My Pillow’ Founder Donating Year’s Profits To All Campaigns Against Congressional Democrats

Mike Lindell, the founder and CEO of “My Pillow,” is a die-hard Trump supporter and promoter of conservative ideals. He champions the rights of the little guy and pushes the values of Christ in everything he does. He is obviously opposed to the socialism of Democrats in America and wants to see them gone.

That’s why he’s making a pledge with his own money to help America rid itself of the Democrat plague. Lindell is offering up this year’s profits from My Pillow to be used toward the campaigns of any Republican candidates trying to unseat Democrats in Congress.

In his own words:

“The single most important thing needed to ensure the future of America is to completely control both the House and the Senate. It must be all Republicans 100 percent. That’s the only way to keep on winning.

People like Pelosi and Schumer have to be gone along with all their communist protégés like Cortez and Omar. Liberals hold us back. They do not believe in progressive society like conservative America. They want to maintain status quo and we, as conservatives, cannot tolerate that.

I will aid the campaigns of anyone who wants to run against them. I’m talking from the members of the Senate, to House Representatives, to mayors, to city councilmen. If there is a Democrat in office anywhere in the USA, I want them gone, all of them, every last one.

If run against them I’ve got you covered. My word is as solid as that of the President himself.”

This show of generosity is unprecedented. President Trump has brought patriotism that America has never seen.

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