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Mike Ditka Has Had Enough: ‘Kneel On My Field And You’re Fired’

Few names are as recognizable in the football world as Mike Ditka. Former player, coach, and world champion, Ditka has made a name for himself as a tough-as-nails football guy. As a commentator, his no-nonsense attitude and winning hair have made him a joy to watch.

And then there’s politics. Mike Ditka is a Trump guy, and he believes in America. Therefore, he says that if any of his players kneel on the field, they’ll be fired immediately.

That’s the kind of commitment we need in this country, patriots. We need rock-solid caucasian male authority figures to remind us that nationalism is how we’re all gonna get through this mess and do…whatever it is we think will happen when the Dems are gone.

Ditka’s statement came from his home office in an email from Mikester1984Bears@hotmail. The spelling and grammar were a bit off, but the guy is 80 and a bonafide tater, so cut him some slack.

The move will most likely have little effect on anything, since Ditka doesn’t have a team or a field. It will help symbolically, however, for Boomers looking for a target for their misguided rage.

If other coaches with no authority over anyone would join in, we could start a real movement, patriots. We could eliminate the whole kneeling thing and Yeti coolers and retake the NFL.

Today football…tomorrow NASCAR!

God bless America.

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