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‘Merry Christmas’ is Officially Banned in Federal Buildings and on Federal Land – Jenn Psaki

Here we go, folks. Just as predicted, the War on Christmas has begun. Jenn Psaki has decreed from her sleepy master’s holy pulpit that “Merry Christmas” will not be tolerated on any federal property.

Psaki’s spokesman, Art Tubolls, says she’s serious, and not just because she has mid-level security clearance as Press Secretary and no actual power to do anything, but because it’s what Joe Biden wants:

“This woman will do anything to get ahead in the administration, including banning Christianity from the country’s holiest places during the Founding Fathers’ favorite time of year.”

That’s a great argument, except that the Founding Fathers probably couldn’t have cared less about Christmas other than a token gift, a meal, and an extra church service that week, unless it fell on a Sunday.

Let’s face it folks, these people don’t understand the spirit of the meaning of the “holidays” they think they can shove down our throats. What are we supposed to do next? Buy a Hannakuh tree? Did I even spell that right?

Things are spiraling out of control, patriots. If we don’t stop it, Walmart won’t start putting out the ornaments until like October, then we’re all screwed.

Psaki said she’s also considering canceling New Years, since she doesn’t like Ryan Seacrest, and it’s pretty well a foregone conclusion that we won’t see another 4th of July after Robo Kamala replaces Biden on January 4th.

Yeah, you guessed it, patriots. Flagg just got home from the dispensary.

God bless America.

I have no idea what just happened here.

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