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Megyn says “we have been lied to…we have been led around like mules on a tether by” bureaucrats, like Fauci

During a blistering segment of her show, Megyn Kelly blasted the handling of the pandemic by people like Dr. Fauci.

“We have been lied to, we have been actively misled, we have been led around like mules on a tether by government bureaucrats, like Fauci, who wants to shut down your job while he makes north of $400,000 a year — and we learned this week is set to retire with a pension of over $350,00 a year,” she said.

“These people wanna muzzle your kid all day at school while they parade around maskless at dinners and the Met Gala,” Kelly continued, referring to Democrats like AOC.

“They want to scare parents into sticking an experimental vaccine into their kids’ arms over and over and over — not one, but two shots, and then a mandatory third. Or no sports, or school, or indoor fun of any kind, despite the data that unvaccinated young people face a risk far less severe than that of fully-vaccinated adults,” she added.



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