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Megyn Kelly Shocks Guest, Jokes That She Would Swing With The Clintons

Former Fox News Megyn Kelly weighed in on a ton of topics but maybe there are some it would be wiser to avoid.

On Tuesday, on her Sirius XM “The Megyn Kelly Show,” the host quipped that she would join former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in swinging or exchanging sexual partners.

“Here in Connecticut, we did actually find out that there’s a healthy swinging population. No one’s offered to me and to Doug to swing yet, nor will that go well if they do!” the host of her husband, Doug Brunt, to guest Dave Rubin.

“Apparently this is a growing thing, Dave. Where like, there’s like swingers everywhere. And I said to Doug, my only belief is that only unattractive people are swingers. If you’re very good-looking and you marry another very good-looking person, why would you want to swing?” she said to Rubin.

Rubin quipped that “you gotta watch out up there cause the Clintons live somewhere near there, right? You know Bill is definitely maxing out those things right now. Nobody wants a part of that, he’s not looking very good these days.”

“If Bill and Hillary ask us to swing, we’re doing it!” the host said. “We’re not going to see it through till the end but we’ll definitely see how far are they going to take it! At what point is this going to get shut down?”

“Does Hillary have a sexual side?” the host said.

Rubin responded, saying, “there are about eight things I could say right now that would probably get us all banned.”

Kelly has made news on many topics recently, including the fight for the minds of our children against woke culture from Disney and others.

During an interview on “The Megyn Kelly Show,” Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing spoke about the company’s plans, which Kelly called “the most important fight that we’re in.”

“You know, we’ve been working on kids’ content over here at The Daily Wire for the last three months. We’ve been developing a couple of animated shows. We weren’t going to announce them until, you know, the end of the year and we get passed the election and all of the politics of the moment, but Chris Rufo leaked those unbelievable tapes from Disney of people saying, yeah, we have a not-so-secret gay agenda, and, you know, we’re going to put many, many, many more examples of content aimed at incredibly small children,” Boreing said.

“We thought, welp, we can’t sit on this anymore. Somebody’s got to get out there and say something, and we are doing something so let’s announce it,” he continued. “We announced that we were starting our DW Kids program to sort of coinciding with all the entertainment we’ve been making since 2020. And the reception is unbelievable.”


“I think this is a far more important fight than Jeremy’s Razors, as much as I love the razor company,” Boreing said. “This is the most important fight that we’re in. This is the fight for, you know, our ability to raise our kids in a safe environment where we don’t have to pre-screen everything. We don’t have to explain how their own eyes lie to them, how the historic combined wisdom of every single human who has ever walked the face of the earth was wrong, and only the ideas that have been cooked up by gender studies majors could possibly be right.”

“So, I think the most important thing we’re doing is this kids’ offering and I think people are going to love it,” he said.


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