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Martin Luther King Jr.’s Niece Says Biden, Democrats Using Fear To Push Voting Legislation

Alveda King, the niece of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. just torched President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over the way he is using race to push for the federal voting laws he wants.

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day President Biden used the memory of the civil rights leader to call for action on his voting legislation.

“On this federal holiday that honors him, it’s not just enough to praise him. We must commit to his unfinished work to deliver jobs and justice, to protect the sacred right to vote,” he said.

“The attack on our democracy is real,” he said. “It’s no longer just about who gets to vote, it’s about who gets to count the vote, and whether your vote counts at all.”

“In his time, through his courage, his conviction, and his commitment, Dr. King held a mirror up to America and forced us to answer the question, where do we stand? Whose side are we on?” the president said. “We’re in another moment right now where the mirror is being held up to America.”

But King Jr.’s niece believes that Voter ID is needed “because we tell somebody they don’t need an ID, they don’t count,” she said on the John Solomon Reports podcast, Just The News reported. “They may as well just mark an ‘X’ on a ballot. So we need the ID and sensible voting.”

She said what “Biden is doing [is] stirring the race card, race baiting, playing the race card, trying to stir up emotion.”

“Martin Luther King, Jr. was a prophet and a preacher before he was a civil rights leader,” King said. “And you have to put all of that together and represent human dignity from the womb to the tomb.

“Now, that’s not what Biden is doing — President Biden and Vice President Harris, they’re not — Nancy Pelosi and all of them. They’re stirring up emotions to get their way. It’s like having temper tantrums when you in the highest seats in this office,” she said.


King said that what Biden and other Democrats are doing is attempting to create fear to get their way.

She said that her uncle was “a man of faith, hope and love,” she said. “And he, of course, believed in appropriate voting and legislation and the laws, but he said the law can’t make you love me, but it can keep you from lynching me.”

The Biden speech was not the first time that President Biden said that it is who counts the votes that matter.

During a bizarre meltdown on Capitol Hill, Biden was asked about Democrat Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema effectively ending Democrats’ chances of ending the filibuster in the Senate so they can pass their “election reform” bill.

“You all ask questions about complicated subjects like ‘can you get this done.’ I hope we can get this done. The honest-to-God answer is I don’t know whether we can get this done. Is this mic on? I guess — anyway — I’m not sure — anyway, I hope we can get this done, but I’m not sure,” Biden declared.

“But one thing for certain, one thing for certain, like every other major Civil Rights bill that came along,” Biden continued, “If we miss the first time, we can come back and try the second time. We missed this time. We missed this time.”

Biden then attacked the state legislatures for passing election integrity bills.

“The state legislative bodies continue to change the law, not as to who can vote, but who gets to count the vote. Count the vote! Count the vote! It’s about election subversion! Not just whether or not people get to vote!” Biden shouted.

“Who counts the vote!” he said again. “That’s what this is about, that’s what makes this so different than anything else we’ve ever done.”

“I don’t know that we can get it done, but I know one thing. As long as I have a breath in me, as long as I’m in the White House, as long as I’m engaged at all, I’m going to be fighting to change the way these legislatures have moving [sic], thank you,” he concluded.

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