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Lin Wood: “The evidence is there, no one is speculating…the election was stolen and it WILL be undone!”

Ok folks, it is November 26 and not a single person working for Trump or working for America is backing down.

None are wavering.

None are hedging their bets.

People like Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and everyone else working tirelessly to prove the fraud have ALL seen the evidence.

And after seeing all the evidence they’ve all come to the same conclusion….

President Trump didn’t just win, he won BIG!

Tidal wave big.

And they are all 100% convinced that when they get to the Supreme Court the election will be undone and awarded to President Trump.

Here is Lin Wood on NewsmaxTV today.

It’s only 5 minutes and you must hear this.

So good.



Some comments:

And a backup for when YouTube deletes that.

From Rumble:


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