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Kyle Rittenhouse Files $150 Million Civil Rights Suit Against Biden’s Justice Department

The second Joe Biden called Kyle Rittenhouse a “white supremacist,” he violated his civil rights. The Justice Department, at that moment, was responsible to prosecute the offender.

They never even investigated.

That’s the basis of a new lawsuit by teen superstar Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyer, Art Tubolls. Tubolls, who famously stood with Rudy Giuliani at the Four Seasons until they realized they were at the wrong place, says the suit is a sure thing:

“Joe Biden doesn’t make the rules. Donald Trump makes the rules, and Donald Trump says the Justice Department should pay. And pay they shall.”

The suit also names Biden as an unindicted co-conspirator, which will make him ineligible to run for a 3rd term if he’s ever impeached then exonerated by Congress.

Rittenhouse wasn’t immediately available for comment, but his mother, Ruthie-Ann Rittenhouse, 56, told us he’s doing just fine:

“Little Kyle is pretty glued to the GoFundMe ticker. He’s gettin’ richer by the minute. He already paid off the tax lien on my trailer home so I can take it across state lines to Kenosha and live where they’re thinking of putting up a statue for Kyle.

“It’s not easy being a hero’s mom.”

Rittenhouse is reported to be worth somewhere in the area of a billion dollars, if you add up every claim we’ve made about him in the past 72 hours.

God bless America.

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