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Kyle Rittenhouse Files $14 Million Defamation Suit Against The Obamas

The Obamas made a statement about Kyle Rittenhouse they’ll never forget. They said that he shouldn’t have been in Kenosha with a gun, and that the deaths of the two pedophiles were tragic.

Today, Attorney Art Tubolls filed suit against the Obamas on Rittenhouse’s behalf, to the tune of $14 million.

According to court records, the plaintiff, Rittenhouse, and his mom Becky Rittenhouse, 56, felt shamed when Obama said he was wrong for shooting people and that they suffered irreparable harm as a result:

“Kyle and his mom had a lot of respect for the Obamas, as their former president and first lady, and to have them look so disappointed that he shot pedophiles really hurt.”

The Obamas’ spokesman, Joe Barron, said the former first couple isn’t really worried:

“Suddenly it’s wrong to think a 17-year-old doesn’t belong in a dangerous situation carrying a deadly weapon and pretending to be ‘helping?’ The little turd can sue all he wants. The Obamas are entitled to their opinion.

Go back to GoFundMe for your free ride, Kyle.”

Yeah, that’s just what you’d expect them to say. They never address the pedophile thing, of course, which allows us to keep using it, regardless of how irrelevant or ridiculous it sounds to people who aren’t in a cult.

God bless America.

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