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Kenosha Judge Dismisses All Civil Suits Against Kyle Rittenhouse

The Honorable Justice Clarence Racker of the 1st Federal Court of Affidavits has done what Joe Biden said couldn’t be done: He’s dismissed every civil case against Kyle Rittenhouse filed before his acquittal.

Since nobody has been dumb enough to try to sue him since, he’s free and clear of the crosshairs of woke America and good to go and get back to what he’s good at: rendering medical aid while armed to the teeth at BLM protests that are already volatile situations, to protect his community.

Or something like that.

Hon C. Racker’s clerk told America’s Last Line of Defense that the decision was easy:

“The decision was easy.”

He also told us that anyone filing a case against Kyle Rittenhouse from sea to shining sea, plus Alaska and Hawaii but not Guam or Haiti, would be in violation of federal law and subject to arrest and seizure of assets.

Donald Trump fully supports all of this, of course, as was made obvious by his latest tweet:

“-Tweet by traitorous douchebag removed by Facebook-“

Looks like that Rittenhouse kid has really done a great job of triggering you poor liberals. First, you wanted him arrested for killing people, then, you wanted him to get justice for it. A little bit unrealistic, don’t you think, snowflakes?

God Bless America.

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