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Kamala:’Our Military Are Soulless Cowards. Their Budget Must Be Cut.’

Kamala Harris is back in the spotlight with more asinine promises. Just weeks after revealing her desire to “round up the trump supporters” if she were to win the presidency, she has now revealed yet another layer of democrat stupidity.

In a speech before her constituents in California, Harris spoke in derogatory terms about our outstanding military, ending with an appalling promise:

“We have become a nation of baby killers through our military. Our soldiers have become nothing more than a collection of evil sadistic monsters whose sole purpose of existence is to maim and slaughter.

They enjoy it. I’ve seen it in their vacant, soulless eyes. Our soldiers are completely dead inside. They are minions of Satan and are so because we have allowed it, indeed, leaders like Trump have encouraged it.

And these demons reflect on our nation as a whole in the eyes of the world. Foreign nationals see Americans as bloodthirsty zombies and this is largely because of our military which has no compassion and no empathy. And I’m sick of it. No longer should we be likened to these cowardly animals in uniform. I aim to put a stop to this and to the military’s carnage across the globe.

When I become president, I will immediately cut the defense budget in half. I’ll take away all their shiny, new killing toys, I’ll cut the numbers of personnel, I’ll make them wish they’d never joined up because the Kamala Harris military will be absolutely miserable.

Only then can we begin the process of rebuilding our reputation abroad. And as we all know,  reputation is everything in global works.”

Kamala Harris must never become president. To call out our heroes like this is beyond reprehensible. It makes her the very evil she tries to pin on our heroic soldiers.

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