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Judge Jeanine Pirro to Take Spot on “The View”

The View is one of those daytime talk shows that has wide appeal and multiple market share because of its diverse cast.  Different opinions, different viewpoints, different voices risen to the day’s events, unlike the internet social media, which basically builds echo chambers.

For weeks on the program, there has been a very open staffing problem.  With the loss of conservative Republican commentator Meghan McCain, no similar talker was located to fit the bill.  Until now.

Fresh from the end of her extensive contract with Fox News, in comes “judge” Jeannine Pirro to the rescue.  The celebrity turned down the news network’s multi-million dollar advances to renew in favor of the CBS daytime gabfest.  Why?

Pirro’s lesbian body shaper Sandra Batt says it was the idea of variety and some very special incentive.

“ABC television told Jeaniney that she would be able to rant and rave stupidly about the same topics that she did on her Fox program, and would get a cookie and a pat on the head backstage.  She also gets to use the ABC spa and hot tub.  That was the big deal maker right there.”

The network is also in negotiations to help pay for even more plastic surgery so that the talking head can complete her transformation into the 80’s TV show character : “Diana, Queen of the V”.

It certainly sounds like Pirro has found her place at last.  But will Americans watch?  Let’s all pray for a great transition.

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