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Jordan & Greene Slam Schiff’s Bill, Says It ‘Attacks President Trump’: “Dems Are Afraid He’s Gonna Run & He’s Gonna Win In 2024”

Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) pushed back at a bill introduced last year by Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA); “Protecting Our Democracy Act“.

Members of Congress debated on the floor Thursday, ahead of the lawmakers voting on whether to now pass Schiff’s bill.

In a statement on Twitter Thursday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said of Adam Schiff’s bill, “Today, Democrats, led by Russia-hoaxer Adam Schiff plan to continue their witch hunt against President Trump and his supporters. We will be voting on the ‘Protecting Our Democracy Act,’ which should be called ‘Destroying Our Republic Act’. THIS BILL MUST BE DEFEATED!”

She wrote, “This 174-page bill is designed to weaken the office of POTUS and empower the Deep State. This unconstitutional bill:

-Directs the unelected GSA administrator to determine the outcome of a Presidential election and begin a transition even if All VOTES HAVEN’T COUNTED!
-Destroys the Constitutionally authorized President pardon process by allowing Congress to conduct politically-motivated reviews of privileged Executive communication.
– Limits the ability of a President to fire an Inspector General, reducing it to 9 specific reasons. Restricting a POTUS from exercising their authority.
“All of this is designed to continue the years long Russian collusion witch hunt on President Trump and his White House, which have failed and proven false over and over again. And the bill hasn’t a single hearing in any of the 9 committees it was referred to,” she said.

“This legislation is unconstitutional and we shouldn’t even be voting on it. It’s just another step in the Democrats’ Communist takeover of America. IT MUST BE STOPPED!” Rep. Greene urged. Continued Below

Rep. Jim Jordan also slammed Schiff’s bill, saying on the House floor Thursday, “[It’s] sponsored by the guy who spent years misleading the Congress and more importantly, the country, on the Trump/Russia investigation, on the Mueller investigation, on impeachments.”

“Remember when the sponsor [of the bill] told us this? There was more than circumstantial evidence that President Trump colluded with Russia? That turned out to be false. Bob Mueller said it was false. Everyone knew it was false. In fact, it was such baloney, even The Washington Post … has had to retract and change things from stories [be]cause they said, ‘Oh yeah, yeah. There was a lot of false information in that dossier that they used to go spy on President Trump’s campaign’”, Jordan noted.

“And I think this is important to understand: the sponsor of this legislation wasn’t just any member of Congress. … He wasn’t just any chairman of the committee in Congress. He was the chairman of the Intelligence Committee; the committee that gets additional information from anyone else in the country — making those claims that were not accurate,” the Ohio congressman said of Schiff. Video Below

“So maybe instead of having another bill that attacks President Trump, because Democrats are afraid he’s gonna run, and he’s gonna win in 2024 — so they wanna do everything they can to attack him– maybe instead of another bill attacking President Trump, we should actually focus on things that the American people care about,” Jordan recommended.

” … We’re gonna attack President Trump again. Democrats, that’s the only thing they can do, because they can’t talk about anything else,” he added. “I hope we defeat this bill”.

Rep. Greene also noted of remarks Adam Schiff made on the floor Thursday, writing on Twitter, “Adam Schiff just told more lies on the House floor carrying on his #BigLie about Trump and Russian collusion. Slimy Schiff has always known that the Steel Dossier that Hillary Clinton paid for was pure lies. Transcripts proved it. Adam Schiff should be expelled!”

Rep. Schiff’s remarks over his bill on the House floor Thursday:

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