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John Durham Says He Has ‘Extremely Damaging’ Evidence Against Obama and Clinton

Special Prosecutor John Durham says he has enough evidence against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to sink them both and put them in prison. According to our source inside the Justice Department, who may or may not have direct knowledge of the situation, Durham is confident he can have the traitors put on trial before the November election:

“Mr. Durham says he’s very close to having a judge sign off on warrants and subpoenas. He says he has them dead to rights. He says that the evidence against them is so overwhelming that no jury would dare find them not guilty.”

The evidence in question is still listed as top secret, but the implications are severe. Durham’s assistant, Sandy Batt, says he’s very close to solving cases other prosecutors have dropped the ball on:

“Mr. Durham has finally found evidence of the stand down order in Benghazi, the company that acid-washed Clinton’s email server, a wirness inside Uranium One, and a member of the Iranian Parliament willing to testify that Clinton and Obama kept one of the $400 million cash payments for themselves.”

Basically, it would seem that all of the dumb conspiracy theories we’ve all clung to for years are finally panning out. As a bonus, Durham has also found a legitimate copy of Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate. It’s a good day for law and order in America.

The White House says if the pair are charged with any of these crimes, they’ll be immediately taken to GITMO to be stripped of their rights and citizenship under the Patriot Act.

God bless you, John Durham. Nice job.

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