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Joe Biden Should Be Getting Nervous – The FBI Just Requested An Interview With Hunter Partner Bobulinski

Joe Biden might think the Hunter bombshell story is safely buried.

After all, the MSM has done their best to sweep it under the rug.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, things are heating up, bigly.

Hunter’s former partner, Tony Bobulinksi, emerged to provide documents that seem to back up what was on the laptop.]

He has even offered to meet with the FBI to tell them everything he knows.

Unfortunately for Joe, it looks like the FIB is taking him up on his offer:

The FBI has agreed to interview former Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski, Bobulinski’s lawyers told the Senate Homeland Security Committee, which released a statement Friday.

The FBI has asked Bobulinski, who went on the record Thursday to accuse former Vice President Joe Biden of lying about his involvement with his son’s business dealings, to turn over copies of his phones, according to the committee.

The FBI will be interviewing Bobulinski, taking his testimony over the alleged acts of corrupting by Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

Bobulinski previously submitted documents to the Senate—and the media—that seem to corroborate the emails found on the infamous laptop.

One of the things he’s confirmed was the “Big guy” email—which suggests Joe Biden was getting payouts from China, while he was negotiating with them.

If the FBI does its job, we might be learning some shocking things in the coming days or weeks.

The FBI has had a pretty poor track record in investigating corruption by politicians. We all remember how they dropped Hillary Clinton’s email investigation—even after they admitted what she did was illegal.

We’ve also learned in recent years how the FBI has been aware of all kinds of things related to Democrat corruption.

But have we seen arrests? Indictments? No, but they did storm the home of an elderly Trump ally named Roger Stone—over bogus charges!

Many people wonder about the reliability of the FBI even now, under Trump. Perhaps we’ll only see justice when Attorney General Barr steps in.

Until then, we’ll wait to find out what Bobulinksi has to say.

Key Takeaways:
Former Biden partner Bobulinski will be interviewed by the FBI.
The man claims the laptop emails are real and that the Bidens are corrupt.
The FBI has yet to confirm or deny they are conducting an investigation.
Source: Fox News

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