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Ivanka Favorite As VP As Trump’s Reinstatement Looms Near

Donald Trump will be reinstated to the Presidency in a very short amount of time. However, he has yet to pick a new Vice President to lead with him. The favored pick of the president and his cabinet is Ivanka Trump, his daughter. Sources tell us that this will indeed be his best asset going forward and a guaranteed clinch on the 2024 presidential ballot.  Ivanka was one of President Trump’s most trusted advisors.

Former Vice President Mike Pence is still vying for the job, and is rightful to claim that title. But Donald Trump has lost all faith in Pence for failing to overturn the 2020 election and give it to its obvious winner, Donald J Trump. “Mike wasn’t brave, he wasn’t courageous. He bowed to the deep state, and America can’t trust him. I, along with the majority of America have no faith in Mike Pence to continue to make America great again”, Trump said in a statement.

There are several in the running for Trump’s VP when he is reinstated. Florida’s Ron DeSantis is a name that’s been floated. Kristi Noam of South Dakota. Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson and Ohio’s Jim Jordan would all be a great fit for the next Trump office. Every one of them has what it takes. They would all be an amazing Vice President for Trump, every single one of them ignorant and would worship at the feet of Donald John Trump.

“Every single person on the shortlist for VP has what it takes,” said Presidential historian Sandy Batt. “They know what Trump expects of them, unwavering loyalty”. Batt continued that every one of them would not question President Trump’s ideas or actions as president, no matter how insane or unconstitutional they may be. But they’re all missing one thing: Ivanka’s ass. Donald Trump focuses better when staring at Ivanka’s rear end. It’s disturbing on a level that this reporter can’t ever begin to comprehend.

Donald has a very short time to pick his next 2nd in charge. Mike Lindell, crappy pillow salesman and high as a kite conspiracy theorist thinks Trump will be back August 13th, or September 21, or sometime in October. Whenever it is, conservative men all across America will be delighted to see Ivanka Trump prance around the White House with Donald hot on her trail, because somewhere, somehow, they love to pretend this is a wholesome relationship. Guess there’s something for everyone.

God bless America!

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