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#ImpeachBiden Trends on Twitter as Frustration over His Policies Mount

Biden hasn’t just had a bad week or two, he’s had a bad month. His policies have largely failed to do anything good for America, whatever his lackeys proclaim on Twitter.

Whether it’s a war with Ukraine that almost no one who would actually have to go fight it wants to happen, open border policies that are placing a heavy burden on border communities and all those towns and cities that he’s shipped the illegals off to, or fiscal policies that have led to Jimmy Carter-like inflation levels, Biden’s presidency has been disastrous and Americans are finally waking up to it.

Those many failures and bad for America policies have not just led to an awakening of anti-Biden sentiment, but for open displays of such sentiment to go mainstream. What started with “f*** Joe Biden” and “let’s go Brandon” chants at football games turned into nationwide, continuous ridicule of the senile president.

But now it might have gone beyond ridicule. Now people want Brandon gone, and that desire to see Brandon pushed out of the White House is trending on Twitter (#3 as of 1/28 at 9:45 am).

And those calling for Brandon’s impeachment have all manner of grievances to air. It’s like Festivus in January.

One person, for example, posted a video of the migrants that Brandon has let invade America and then sent around the country, declaring that had Trump done anything similar an impeachment against him would have been immediately forthcoming:


A similar post raised much the same claims about how Brandon’s shuttling of illegals around the country should be grounds for impeachment (note: the CIA claim isn’t exactly true, a contractor that does business with the CIA was involved with the flight of illegals, not the CIA itself):

Yet another attacked Biden for his border policies, calling for his impeachment based on the utter lawlessness at the border:

Another pointed out the racist, sexist nature of Biden’s pledge that he would only look at black women when making his SCOTUS pick. In what other situation is race and sex allowed to be taken into account and the person choosing a candidate allowed to brag about how racist and sexist he was?

Still a third claim was quite common in the #impeachbiden tweets: his call with the Ukrainian president, one that supposedly went quite badly. One person pointed out that Trump was impeached for something similar (the details discussed were, obviously, quite different, with the only similarity being that it was a call with the Ukrainian president), and calling for Biden’s impeachment based on that:

Of the different causes of action suggested for impeachment, probably the strongest is the one related to illegal immigration. The phone call with the Ukrainian president probably did go poorly, but that’s hardly an impeachable offense. Similarly, the SCOTUS pledge is disgusting, but little different from whatever affirmative action policies already exist in almost every school and country across the nation.

But, on illegal immigration, Brandon is openly ignoring the laws of the United States and even encouraging lawbreaking. if that’s not an impeachable offense, what is?

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