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“I’m Not a Washington Democrat”: Manchin Doesn’t Want to Be Associated with the Radical Left

As the Democrat Party under Brandon goes more and more insane, running to the left in a desperate attempt to appease the ever woker Democrat base, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is recoiling with horror.

At first, that took the form of him rejecting their agenda. Though hopping aboard the Brandon Express with both feet might have led to praise from mainstream media talking heads and pats on the back from the radical leftists walking the halls of Congress, Manchin decided to tack to the right and reflect the priorities and interests of his voters, the citizens of West Virginia.

That meant rejecting Brandon’s plan to nuke the filibuster, shooting down the ridiculous Build Back Better bill every time Team Brandon tried to bring it back up and push some version of it through, and raising questions about the inflation threat.

Doing so took some serious backbone at a time when men with chests have all but disappeared from Congress; Manchin stared down the Washington Democrat establishment and refused to blink, saving the country from some of the left’s worst impulses.

Now that such legislative issues have been swatted away, Manchin is rejecting the New Left and its insanely woke agenda by attempting to further distance himself from it, saying that he’s not a “Washington Democrat,” but rather a “West Virginia Democrat.”

That statement came when Manchin was discussing bipartisanship in Congress. Speaking on the issue and using it as an opportunity to distance himself from the likes of AOC, Manchin said:

I’m not a Washington Democrat, I’m a good old West Virginia Democrat, who likes all my West Virginia Republicans, and I know that I have to have their input for us to get good outcomes for our West Virginia citizens we represent.

That’s important, as it’s Manchin effectively saying that he’d rather work with the sort of populist Republicans of the sort found in West Virginia on areas of mutual interest and concern rather than going along with the wild agenda of the woke Washington Democrats. Of concern to him is West Virginia, not the sort of nonsense that AOC prattles on about.

He went on to emphasize that and champion the idea of representing one’s people and culture rather than purely partisan agendas, saying:

We have a lot of friends who are stereotype Washington Republicans. Okay, there were Alaska Republicans and there’s all different Republicans who represent a state. Never forget where you came from. Never forget who you work for. Never forget your purpose of being here.

And I’ve always said this, I want to make sure I take care of my country. I’m an American before I’m anything, I’m an American first. And I’m so proud of my country and the opportunities I’ve had. I also am here to do a job for the people of West Virginia. So they’re my employers.

It must be remembered that Manchin is a Democrat; he’s rejected the right’s calls for him to become a Republican and shows no real intention of switching parties even though the left has gone berserk.

But still, despite that, he’s an ally; whatever his actual views, he sees the political efficacy of framing himself as not woke and emphasizing that by not going along with the woke agenda. So long as he stays on that track, Manchin will be doing right by both the people of West Virginia and America as a whole.

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