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Ilhan Omar: ‘My People Will Leave if Swearing Is Not Banned’

Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar recently fictionally proposed to remove all references to Christianity from the Constitution of the United States of America.  Now she is threatening something else and we sure couldn’t give two hoots if she follows through with this threat.  In fact, we hope she does.

The local Rotary Club has teamed up with the Minnesota chapter of Kakologophobiacs Anonymous and informed Representative Omar’s office that if swearing is not banned outright in the United States effective immediately that they will find a country more to their liking.

As any non-tater knows, Ilhan Omar loves the United States more than most, which is why she decided to run for office to be a voice of the Somali population that makes up a large portion of her constituency. She is also well-versed in the Constitution and wants to do everything she can to move our country to be one that is fair and equitable for all Americans rather than just a few at the top.

As someone who loves the Constitution, she had the duty to inform the complainants that this speech is covered by the First Amendment and that it’s not something that is going to change.

She explained that the Constitution sometimes allows things that people don’t like so that everyone has greater freedoms than would otherwise exist.

Joe Barron, a member of both complaining organizations, was not happy.

“I’m so freaking peeved right now. This is complete hogwash. Gosh darn it, only frigging dumb butts have to swear! There are over 50,000 fetching non-swearing words in the English language. I can’t believe we are supposed to put up with this unintelligent poop!”

As seen, Ilhan Omar hates the Constitution and if she and her people would be happier elsewhere, we’ll help them pack and move out.  Just don’t come crying back when you figure out you left the greatest country in the history of the world.

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