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Ilhan Omar Demands White House Recognize Pon Farr Holiday

Once upon a time, America was a Christian nation. That’s it. Literally, every resident citizen was a Christian. And if you weren’t, you had better become one soon because the good Christians of the country were not going to accommodate your pagan cult traditions. Immigrants to the New World had to assimilate to our ways, not the other way around.

Not so anymore. Cultures and religions from all over the world have been flocking to God’s Country and asking – no, demanding – that we change for them. And when these others began to be elected into government, it only got worse because then their demands became actual laws. The politicians saw to that. And their demands never stopped.

No such politician has more vocal with demands of change to our way of life than Somali-American, Ilhan Omar and her latest rant is typical of her stubborn refusal to adapt to our culture.

Omar has asserted that America must begin observation of the Pon Farr holiday. She claims it is a sacred rite of her people and the recognition of it is as important to the nation as Christmas or Easter.  Omar took some time to explain its significance, as if you care :

“Pon Farr is a cultural rite of passage. Participation in it is important for our physical and mental well being. It involves a return to our baser instincts as human beings once every seven years – a time when we, as a people, ‘go home’, if you will.

We use this time to find love and to extend our legacy. It is a time of reproduction and giving in.

To not participate in Pon Farr is to die.”

Her demand is to have this time as a paid holiday – a request that President Trump is loathe to consider.   It’s an uphill battle for the young Democrat. We are certain she is about to learn the limits of our patience.

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